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The realm of mythology for ancient Greeks, runs along the golden southern shores of Thermaikos Gulf to the mouth of the river – God Pinios. Defining the lands boundaries to the west, raising about 3,000
metres from the sea, stands the massive bulk of the Gods residence, Mt.

Amidst the lush vegetation and springs of Pierian plain and the green slopes ascending swiftly to Olympus, one beholds the land of the nineMuses, the source of inspiration for the Greek miracle.


A forty-five-minute drive from Macedonia International Airport of Thessaloniki will take you to the popular resorts of the Olympian coast (Olympiaki Akti) and Leptokaria. If Athens your first port of call you should head north along the main motorway and railway line towards the capital of Macedonia. Once you’ve gone through the pass of Mt. Olympus guarded by the Frankish castle of Platamonas, you’ll enter Pieria, the southernmost part of Macedonia.

History & Culture

In antiquity the majestic nature of Pieria was related with myths, deities, Muses and Heroes. The gods had chosen the high mountain peaks of Olympus to live on and from there they often intervened in or even determined the life of mortals. Pieria was often mentioned by Homer, as the region from which the Gods descended and “flew” to other places. The Macedonians also selected the embellished by Olympus site of Dion as their most sacred site. Pieria’s strategic position for the communications between Macedonia and southern Greece made it a much-desired target for conquerors throughout the ages. The Medieval castle of Platamonas built in 1204 stands as a mark left by the Frankish occupation. The Turks occupied the territory in 1489, but in spite of their long lasting occupation the high peaks of Olympus were never subdued. They remained the symbol of the Greek resistance and a perfect hiding for the freedom fighters.

Sightseeing & Monuments

At the resort of Platamonas one should not fail to notice the beauty of the landscape stressed by the very well preserved Frankish castle, which is also used as a site for holding various cultural events. The view of Olympus is magnificent from Katerini, the capital of Pieria. Here in the capital of Pieria, Katerini, a visitor can have a pleasant time taking a walk to the city zoo or visiting the Byzantine Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary in Kontariotissa. The view of Olympus is magnificent here, but one has to reach Litochoro to appreciate the full sense of wonder and respect for mother Earth. The peaks of Olympus rise majestically above this village built in the banks of Epineas river, whose rich waters flowing down the mountain form small lakes, while in some places disappear into underground cavities.

People & Lifestyle

The gods have definitely blessed the land of Pieria giving it unparallel natural beauty and the perfect environs for the prosperity of its people. The name “Pieria” actually means “fruitful and fertile land”, a fact easily witnessed by visitors crossing any part of the region.

Zeus Xenios (the hospitable) has ensured that Pieria and its people know what hospitality is all about and have a strong urge to offer it to all. In that respect an interesting story, pertinent to the capital of the region, is quite revealing for the character of modern day Pierians and the beneficiary results of their tolerance to strangers: Katerini is a relatively young city for Greek standards, built only 300 years ago by a group of refugees from Sinai, who created here a community dedicated to St. Katherine. After the region was united with the Greek state a new wave of Greek refugees from Turkey settled this area, giving priority to commerce and economic development, thankful at all times of the land and its people for their generosity.

Sports & Leisure

Pieria’s diverse settings are perfect for doing horse riding, rowing, surfing, jogging, biking and it is even a popular site for extreme sports like hang-gliding. Mountaineering, mountain climbing so close to the Pantheon of Mt Olympus makes you feel the presence of the gods through out your stay.

Gastronomy & Shopping

In Pieria you have complete freedom of choice: tranquility and relaxation, lively times of endless fun, leisure and entertainment and new gastronomic experiences. Katerini is the major commercial centre of the region, with plenty of shopping opportunities. Many cozy little taverns adorn the golden sandy beaches of Pieria. You should savour the traditional and delicious Greek cuisine, which truly acquires new qualities and becomes a novel experience as the gentle sea breeze caresses your face.

Conference Facilities

The diverse scenery of Pieria, together with its high-standard tourist infrastructure, offers a variety of choices for organizing conferences, both in summer and in winter. Its fully equipped hotels, which are continuously upgrading their range of amenities, have succeeded in placing Pieria amongst the leading contenders for business and leisure combined meetings.

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