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Florina, West-Macedonia, GreeceFor those who wish to escape from the ordinary and the classical mass tourism, we suggest an alternative proposal, a journey to the borders of honor, the Prefecture of Florina, where nature and history awaits you in this beautiful and hospitable Greek corner.

Those who enjoy trekking may explore Florina, Amyntaio, the preserved and historical Nymfaio, and the villages of the area. For sure, visitors will be invited to the great feast of Florina’s Fires on the 23rd of December, listen to bronze sounds, learn about the great number of artists, painters, and sculptors of the area, discover the greatest Commercial Festival of the prefecture in Amyntaio during October, dress in disguises during the Carnival of Xyno Nero, participate in the local cultural events and mainly in the prefectural events called “Prespes”, and dive in the mineral waters of Aetos Municipality. Also, visitors may taste the local cuisine as well as the local products, such as the original high quality wine of the Amyntaio area, the sour water and the refreshments made by the natural mineral water of the area, the fishes from the lakes, the beans from Prespes and Varikos, the peppers from Florina and the biological products (beans, wine, strawberries).

One may find comprehensive information regarding the history, the culture and the nature of this area at:

  • The Archaeological Museum of Florina.
  • The unique hermitages and the rest of the unique Byzantine monuments of Prespes, such as Agios Achileiosand Agios Germanos.
  • The Environmental Centre of Arcturos.
  • The Centre of Information about Prespes, the Company for the Protection of Prespes.
  • The Information Centres of the Prespes Municipality.
  • The Contemporary Art Museum of Florina.
  • Agios Ahilios, Florina, Western Macedonia, GreeceThe Folklore Museums of the Cultural Club of Florina, Amyntaio and Lechovo.
  • The bronze-goldsmith Museum of Nymfaio.
  • The wineries of E.A.S. Anymtaio and “VEGORITIS S.A.” at Agios Panteleimonas.
  • The largest collection of sharpeners in the world (Guinness award) at Valtonera.

    Those who seek activities full of energy that boost the adrenaline may choose among activities such as, trekking, horse-riding, mountain biking, camping, 4×4 excursions, and canoe, organized in cooperation with the company “Artemis” in the area of Nymfaio-Municipality of Aetos- and the company “Synodoi Vounou (Mountain Companions)” in the area of Prespes. They may also enjoy the high quality snow of the area during the winter period at the Ski Centre of Vigla, one of the first and most technologically advanced ski centres in Greece, and go climbing on a plethora of roots, such as those crossing the national paths 4 and 6.

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