Zita Congress

Zita Congress

29 Omirou Str, Peta Saronikou, 19001, Athens, Attica, Greece

Tel.: 22994 40962


zita-congressZita Congress started in 1982, introducing the concept of professional large-scale conferences and events in Greece.

Four decades later, Zita Congress remains a leading force in the field of organizing, exploiting its cutting-edge experience and expertise while constantly updating its services:

  • Badget establishment.
  • Research and venue selection for events.
  • Scientific Program creation & management.
  • Reservation Management & complete secretarial support
  • Audio-visual coverage using all the new technology requirements.
  • Securing financial sponsorships & promotion sponsorships .
  • Website creation for every event.
  • Develop, Promote & Enhance presence on social media.

    Zita Congress is a permanent partner (Core PCO) of large international scientific communities(IPRAS, ISPRES, SEERSS κ.α.) and our services are ISO quality certified (ISO 9001 & ISO 140001).

Conferences / Workshops

zita-congressHaving organized hundreds of conferences nationally and internationally, Zita Congress is the most reliable solution for the design and organization of small or large scale conferences.

Zita Congress carries out every step of the organizational process quickly and efficiently: From budget establishment, securing sponsorships and choosing the most appropriate venue, to managing the scientific program and secretarial and technical support for the event. At the same time, Zita Congress has a dedicated department of communication and digital marketing that can provide every conference that we organize with communication sponsorships, website development and increased visibility on social media.

Trade & Scientific Exhibitions

zita-congress-exhibition-kioskOrganizing a large exhibition – commercial or scientific – initiative, requires great experience and expertise as well as excellent organizational skills. With major exhibitions in our history – Aerozol 1999, Greek-Turkish Product & Services 2002, Health, Nutrition, Beauty 2016 – 2019, Zita Congress can accomplish any complex and demanding exhibition project.

Cultural & Social events

zita-congress-event-Numerous successful events both inside and outside the Greek border bear the signature of Zita Congress. In every event we undertake, we rely most on our specialized staff, as well as our international influences and collaborations.

Having a particular interest in building international cultural communication bridges, Zita has organized on its own initiative important events in Greece and abroad, such as the Cultural Week of Russian Gastronomy and Music, the Economic Forum of Greece, Turkey – Greek Cultural Events.


Zita Congress - IncentivesIncentives can be a powerful tool in the hands of a corporate unit. It’s an effective way of rewarding its top and most valuable executives and partners or promoting its brand name and products.

But in order to fulfill this role and act as an incentive to achieve corporate goals, incentives cannot be standarized. Instead, they must be designed step-by-step to satisfy all the special requirements. Factors such as the budget, philosophy and goals of the company, seasonality and security, the number and particular characteristics of the participants, must be taken into account, at each stage of planning and implementing such a journey.

After four decades of traveling to every part of the globe and providing unforgettable travel experiences to over half a million people, Zita can design and implement tailor-made travel, swiftly and responsibly, to serve every corporate need.

Zita Medical Management

Zita Medical Management has the experience, the human resources, the network of partners and the technical tools that can drive any scientific organization to achieve its short and long term goals. Taking into account the specific characteristics, principles and goals of each scientific organization or medical company, Zita Medical Management develops proposals for the overall upgrade of its presence and influence, both in the scientific community and the general public.

Zita Medical Management’s complete set of services for scientific organizations and medical companies includes:

  • Secretarial support (accounting, legal, curatorial etc.)
  • Designing, editing, publishing and distribution of scientific journals
  • Translation services specializing in scientific translation
  • Submission of scientific publications in international databases such as Scopus, PubMed etc
  • Planning, Editing & distribution of any printed advertising or informative material
  • Targeted and effective marketing
  • Securing sponsorships and partnerships
  • Website creation & management
  • Social media development, presence & management
  • Editing audiovisual material – Creating videos for promotions
  • Promoting Health Scientists’ Services in the Greek & international market (health tourism)
  • Organizing events in collaboration with the world-class Zita Congress

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