Conference Interpreters in Greece

Conference Interpreters in Greece

CONFERENCE INTERPRETERS GREECE (4)In Greece there are many companies offering high-quality conference interpretation services, able to compete with the leading interpretation and translation agencies in Europe and beyond.

The conference interpretation services on offer in Greece, especially in Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete, Rhodes, the Peloponnese and all over the country, cover the needs of every kind of conference, meetings, seminars, presentation of new products, board meetings for organizations and companies, bilateral negotiations, large multilingual conferences, and much more.

It is well known that interpreting services are an integral part of the success of a conference, a political or professional meeting with participants from several countries, and it is essential to ensure that there are no language barriers, so as to maximize the success of the event.

There are many types of conference interpreting, such as simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, escort interpreting, medical and legal interpreting, journalistic interpreting, etc.

Professional Greek conference interpreters undergo continuous training, follow all technological developments and fulfil to the highest standards the demands of a conference, meeting, seminar, legal interpreting, multinational conference, etc. Live or recorded video transmission with multiple audio channels, via the internet, are provided by excellently-trained conference interpreters and technicians.

CONFERENCE INTERPRETERS GREECEThe experienced professional interpreters, who work for the leading Greek interpreting companies, with their continuous training, quality, reliability and consistency, guarantee the complete success of a conference, meeting, seminar and any event that requires their valuable assistance.

Within difficult conditions, Greece remains an ideal and secure destination, and invites M.I.C.E. organizers and the decision makers of large foreign companies and associations to hold their next conference or meeting in Greece, encouraging them to design new conference tourism packages, with a variety of activities and an emphasis on new forms of tourism that are expanding in the country.

Greece is a unique and ideal destination for Conferences, Congresses, Incentives, Meetings, Corporate Events, Business Travel, International Cultural Events, Events, Medical Tourism, etc. Greek conference interpreting companies can absolutely fulfil the needs and ensure the success of every kind of conference.

Conference Interpreters in Greece

Company NameAddressDestinationRegionTelephone
Elit Language Services44 Syggrou Ave., 11742AthensAttica+30 210 6254325
El-Translations2 Pentelis Ave., 15234, ChalandriAthensAttica+30 210 6801333
P&A Interpreters PC6 Omirou Str.3Rd Floor, 10564, SyntagmaAthensAttica+30 211 8009612
Podium9 Valaoritou Str., 10671AthensAttica+30 216 9001510