Thessaloniki Concert Hall Organisation

Thessaloniki Concert Hall Organisation

Address: 25th Martiou, 546 46, Thessaloniki Greece

Telephone: +30 2310-895898

Halls: 13

Capacity from: 20, Capacity up to: 1400

Thessaloniki Concert Hall Organisation

The Thessaloniki Concert Hall is ready to fulfill its double purpose. Firstly it is ideal for housing music, opera and Ballet performances and secondly it is a Convention and Congress center with facilities that can host meetings and large international conventions, cultural and scientific events as well as expositions in its foyers. For this reason, acoustics and visibility studies were carried out by specialists. All venues are equipped with up to date air conditioning system and facilities of simultaneous translation. Furthermore, special attention was given to ensure easy accessibility to handicapped visitors.
M1 (building 1) is a landmark of Thessaloniki’s waterfront, a reference point for residents and visitors and an asset for the city’s architectural profile. It is a perfect combination of the local architectural tradition, paying heed to the city’s Byzantine past and the modern perception of material and form, revealing the contemporary character of its cultural environment.

Designed by the renowned architect Arata Isozaki, M2 (building 2) adorns the city with a unique construction that epitomizes the virtues of modern architecture. Geometrical lines, extended glass surfaces and elements of steel compose an image of imposing simplicity, that comes as an antithetic, yet equivalent complement to the neighboring M1.


10km from the airport, 2km from the city center, 50km from Chalkidiki

Dimensions & Capacities

Friends of Music Hall (M1)1.400---
Conference Room I (M1)5040--
Conference Room II (M1)2010--
Conference Room III (M1)2010--
Conference Room IV (M1)5040--
Rehearsal Room (M1)200150150200
Central Foyer (M1)400300400900
Upper Foyer (M1)250150350500
Aimilios Riadis Hall (M2)500---
Maurice Saltiel Hall (M2)300270250300
Conference Room I (M2)12080--
Conference Rooms II & III (M2)5040--
Foyer (M2)400300300400

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