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Conference Equipment & Audiovisual Facilities in Greece

AUDIOVISUAL COMPANIES GREECE A conference organizes group interactions to facilitate communication in order to inform, educate, discuss and decide. Such organization uses conference equipment to enable communication within and between groups and delegates, including audio-visual aids, simultaneous interpreting equipment and equipment to record and transcribe conference proceedings.

Greece has a long record in the audiovisual field, realizing that knowledge and information are the engines that drive economies in the 21st century. Throughout the country, professionals with long experience in the sector and with membership in prestigious international Congress Associations, specialize in the provision of audiovisual products and services, providing integrated solutions to their clients’ growing needs. They offer a wide range of audiovisual facilities with emphasis on customer service for making a complex task seem easy, providing state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained staff that gives them the flexibility to respond to customers’ specific needs.

Greek Audiovisual companies and conference equipment providers offer comprehensive audio-visual assistance comprising a wide variety of platforms to enhance proceedings by supplying presentation technology, production and services nationwide and abroad, including audio, video, lighting and staging to ensure a quality performance. For large groups, the conference equipment – including soundproof booths and individual headsets – provide the perfect non-intrusive vehicle for simultaneous interpreting, AUDIOVISUAL COMPANIES GREECE while there is also assistance available with voting systems, audio-visual aids and recording systems. For small group settings or for mobile tours, the companies can sell or rent portable equipment, with or without interpreters.

Audiovisual companies and conference equipment providers services provided include web design and live Internet broadcasting of a congress, video tape recording of any event and sound technical installation and support, as well as photography. Due to the high technical expertise and superb equipment available, some of companies are capable to operate a mini TV station that broadcasts live any events to the Internet, with an end result equivalent to a professional TV production; E-learning/Technical support provides the required technical support and appropriate software to companies and organizations that have already developed educational material for their personnel training and continuous training; a digital album comprising a CD or VCD production with Slide Show or photos along with music from the entire conference and the Incentives; state of the art technical support facilities, with direct access to Internet through wide bandwidth (T1) lines, private web server, e-mail, web and e-mail hosting and telematic applications, on-line bookings; PC & Videoconferencing, on-line voting, teleworking, PCs, word processors, scanners, printers, copiers, CD abstracts & proceedings, translation systems and equipment.

Audiovisual & Conference Equipment Providers in Greece

Company NameAddressDestinationRegionTelephone
Andreadis Audiovisual11 Misiodakos Str., 11524AthensAttica+30 210 6930535
Avitech Production Group73 Neou Fairou Str., 18233AthensAttica+30 210 3458645
Avitron Event ProductionThessalonikis 23A, 18233AthensAttica+30 210 2287000
Avolution Audiovisual61A Solomou Str., 15341, Agia ParaskeviAthensAttica+30 210 6548638
Fyssas Audiovisual18 Iliados Str., 15231, ChalandriAthensAttica+30 210 6546339
P.C. Podimatas AudiovisualEl Venizelou & Kripsanas, 19009PikermiAttica+30 210 6036111
ProelectroTheodore 10A, 14452, MetamorfosiAthensAttica+30 213 0020750
Sound & Visual - K. Papathanasiou SA12 Xanthis & Poseidonos, 14451, MetamorfosiAthensAttica+30 210 3838597